Best Slots For Fun

Anyone who has ever played slots online knows how much fun it is. Putting the winnings aside, the advanced technological design of today’s slots affords players so many opportunities in so many different genres to truly enjoy the themes offered. That’s what makes these slots so much fun to play. Whether they are 20, 50, 0r over 1000 pay lines – it is the uniqueness of the bonus features; or the way in which the characters pop in and out in 3D slots; or just the sheer thrill of interacting with bonus rounds. The best slots for fun are innumerable, but just to give you an idea, we have listed below some of the best slots you can play online for fun. In fact, it is no coincidence that the first slot mentioned (Grail Maiden) happens to be my favorite fun slot. What’s yours? Check our list and if your favorite fun slot is on it, by all means play it anytime, day or night, and enjoy all it has to offer.

Play the Best and Newest Betsoft Slots for Fun

Betsoft is known worldwide as the best 3D slot brand. Their games are colorful, stunning, and lucrative. When you have a slot that entertains and offers serious payouts along with special features, you’ll always have a winner. Moreover, when you can play Betsoft games for fun, nothing beats this mode of play. To this end, here are the newest slot games you can play for fun at our Betsoft Online Casinos:

RTG Slot Games for Fun are Simply FUN!

When you think about the portfolio of games offered by Real Time Gaming, it really boggles the mind. RTG has become another leading online software developer that has designed some pretty interesting slots in the past year that you can play in the Instant Play mode. Thus any RTG casino offers free practice play so that you can test out the games before you go on to play for real money. The newest slot titles are:

Wager Gaming Slot Games Played for Fun

It was that long ago that Wager Gaming returned to the US in a big way. If you recall the games you player before they left, you will be amazed that not only have these games returned, but new games have come to represent the excellence of Wager Gaming. Here to, the Wager Gaming Casinos offer free play. All you have to do is to register, get an account number, then sign back in with your account number and password, and the entire portfolio of slot games is available to you. No deposit or download required. Here are the latest titles:

Rival Slot Games Consist of I-Slots that You Can Play for Fun

When Rival first showed up on the scene, their I-Slots caught every player’s fancy. I-Slot stands for interactive slots. And has this software developer come a long way making a name for itself along the way. While it used to be that an online casino only used one brand, today we find that many brands are being used so that players have a myriad of choices among the slot games offered. Rival games can be played for fun due to the Instant Play mode. Among the newest titles are:

More importantly, since their launch in 2006, Rival has grown their portfolio of games to over 200 with 52 casinos utilizing their platform. That is quite impressive.

Are their Any New Slots Game I Can Play for Fun?

This is a very broad question; however, we have listed on our Online Slots home page a number of new and fun slots you can play at any of our top US casinos. Slot games are introduced weekly; however, you can go to any of our online casinos and play all new slot games for free. Some casinos will allow you to simply click on the slot where it says “practice play” or “free play.” While other online casinos will require you register without having to make a deposit or download anything. Our best advice is to visit all of our top US casinos and see just how much fun it is to play any of their “free” play slots.

What are the Best Casinos Where You can Play Slots for Fun?

As mentioned above, you can go to any of our top 10 US casinos and play slots for fun. Or you can play any of the slot games listed on our Online Slots homepage and play slots for fun. But to answer your question, the best casinos are US casinos, and we have the entire list for you at

Can I Play Slots Tournaments for Free?

Speaking of fun play, there are some top online casinos where you can enter Free Roll tournaments, i.e., no fee is necessary. These are daily free roll tournaments that are offered by our recommended brands:

Where Can I Get Free Slots Bonuses?

To answer this question, let me say that most bonuses require that you join the online casino and make a deposit. However, if you are looking for free bonuses – you can simply look for No Deposit Bonuses that are offered at most of our online casinos. In fact, if you go to our site, you will find an array of free no deposit bonuses that you can use to test out the games and perhaps make a little money as well.