Very recently, the House had a congressional hearing about online gambling in general, and RAWA, in particular. RAWA refers to the Wire Act that was enacted in 1961. It is a law that prohibits certain forms of gambling. As we have been telling you, a very rich individual by the name of Sheldon Adelson wants the Wire Act reconstituted to abolish all forms of online gambling. As a lobbyist, he has given millions of dollars towards this goal. A few weeks ago, the hearing to reinstate the Wire Act was held. It was a shamble. The witnesses didn’t fully articulate the truth, and the Congressman behind this hearing was equally uninformed. Thus, the meeting ended in embarrassment. The reason behind Adelson’s obsession with online gambling is that he owns casinos in Las Vegas. If online gambling were to become legal, his reasoning is that he would lose a lot of money. Oddly enough, Nevada was one of three states to legalize online gambling. Perhaps this was the incentive for him to spend a fortune to undo it. Needless to say, the Wire Act will not be revisited anytime soon.