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Just as there are thousands of slot games for which there is daily news we impart to you, there are just as many online casinos that reveal newsworthy items daily. We feel it is important to keep you updated as to the latest new online casinos, regardless of whether it’s for US players or not. However, we do concentrate first and foremost on our US players. The news from these casinos can range anywhere from special promotions, to upgraded sites, to higher welcome bonuses, to special tournaments, or groundbreaking information. For the most part, we are the first to learn about such happenings, and bring the noteworthy news to you quickly. This not only saves you time souring the net, but keeps you in the loop at all times. This has been our goal for the last 10 years, and will continue to be our number one priority. We invite you to bookmark this page so that you will be the first “in the know” account online casino news.